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Last thread was far too long and full of nonsense.
Ok ladies and gents id like to start by saying i haven't been that active of late to really gauge who is active and who isn't so don't really know how big we can make it. However and with no date set just going on this years event which began in January i think it might be an idea to open up a mature discussion on next years event. Naturally the likes of 7th, eot, vicious, xcel and dv8 all will be invited whether they choose to play i just don't know but i would be hopeful.

Regarding rules for those who cant remember or just don't know how it was set up last year, you can find the rules we used here http://vooblycommittee.voobly.com/forum/thread/235579

Should we change anything?

One thing id like to suggest is perhaps certain power house clans perhaps considering fielding 2 teams and maybe having a roster max for teams? I can imagine some mightn't be in favour of this and i do understand but ive also heard others saying how they would perhaps field 2 teams next year after 2016 was finished (then again alot has changed in cs since then). I have seen some with huge rosters struggle to field 3 players in previous tourneys for games, while ive also seen those with small rosters being super organised and having no difficulties. I guess the pros to having a roster limit is it makes the tourney more competitive with the con being the best overall clan mightn't win it and i guess with cs being how it is there is always pride and bragging rights at stake.

So really what i would like to hear is a discussion/suggestions on who to invite, rules/changes, whether your clan is interested in playing, when to host it etc...

I would be delighted if we could have another tourney at least as big and successful as this years event next year
I understand what people are saying in relation to the size of the map pools and most of that has been down to a number of maps having the same amount of votes. To avoid this along with then potentially making the map pools smaller along with getting the most popular picks of each clan in the map pool. How about if i run a voting system whereby each clan gives there map votes in order of preference and i put a point system in place accordingly. Example based on 10 votes for 3v3/4v4, 5 votes for 2v2, 5 votes for 1v1:

1. CBA - 10 points
2. CBA Hero - 9 points
3. Graves - 8 points
4. Europe - 7 points
5. Smosh - 6 points
6. Woa - 5 points
7. RCB - 4 points
8. Lustful - 3 points
9. Gwars - 2 points
10. Radical - 1 point

1. Desert - 5 points
2. Archer Blood - 4 points
3. CBA - 3 points
4. Dome - 2 points
5. Soldier Store - 1 point

1. CBA Hero - 5 points
2. Dodgeball - 4 points
3. Smosh - 3 points
4. Nova - 2 points
5. Hero fest - 1 points

So basically the maps with the most points get voted in, so if you have a particular prefrence in certain maps then you have a much better chance of getting them in by making them your number 1 picks. Personally i like big map pools but im open to making them smaller though naturally if we do make the map pools smaller then we need to reduce the vetos.
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shame this wasn't quicker for voting, topic kinda dead now
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Should probably just do Eot vs Vicious clan war instead.
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Eot_Leader wrote:
Should probably just do Eot vs Vicious clan war instead.


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