Europe 2v2 2018 League


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Who will host the League? xJavi Co-Host Metric

In what lobby will be hosted the League? Tournament 1

What hour will the League Start? [ 18:15GMT 10th November ]

How to sign up? Click Here

If you are interested in Stream the league/Donate for prize pool, contact with Metric

Game Room settings
* 1.4 RC / UP 1.5 R7 or higher
* Late Spectate must be activated
* VCOM Ladder has to be enabled

In-Game settings
Map: =V= Europe 2v2

Speed: Fast

Starting Age: Standard

Resources: Standard

Reveal Map: Normal

Victory: Standard

Lock Speed and Teams

Record Game: Yes

Cheats: Disabled

All Tech: Disabled

Every round will be Bo3, Final Losers/Winners will be Bo5 and Grand Final will be Bo7

Every match must be Team Random.

Schedule of the Games

Each player must schedule their games with a period of 1 week per round, that means that all players will have 1 week to schedule their games. schedule's thread will be made on the voobly website (Hosts will send to your inbox (Voobly Profile) a link to schedule your games)

Pausing Rules

Each team/player can pause once in game for a total of 5 minutes. Other players are not allowed to unpause until they are sure that that everyone has returned. Any player who has paused for longer than this period, without the permission of the other player/team, will be asked to unpause or an admin win will be granted to the other player/team. Players who repeatedly unpause before the 5 minutes is up will cause an admin win to be granted to the other player/team. A pause will be allowed to exceed 5 minutes if the player if communicating with a tournament organizer.

Break Rules
  • Every player/team has the right to take a 10-15 minute break between the semi-finals and final games of the tournament.
  • Players/Teams that take unofficial breaks will be judged depending on the situation. If an organiser determines them to be wasting time they will be disqualified

Language Rules
  • Discrimination in any form is not tolerated. A violation of this rule can result in disqualification. Keep in mind that there are official rules related to this concern.
  • Simple trash talk is allowed since it has always been part of competitive activities such as sports or games. Keeping it to a minimum would be nice though.

VCOM Host Rulings

Any and all rules may be changed by the tournament organizers on or before the night. All rulings by the official VCOM tournament organizers are final.
=V= Europe 2v2.scx (file size: 146.27 KB)
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Posted 3 November 2018 - 2:31 pm
Good this. You should promote it around rm too.
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Posted 5 November 2018 - 4:53 am
good this... but i don't see ppl realized yet, so how is going to make it happen?
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Posted 8 November 2018 - 11:36 am
[Dy]_GuNN4 wrote:
good this... but i don't see ppl realized yet, so how is going to make it happen?

We already promoted it, we re also using AoEzone (And we wanted to focus there instead of voobly website)

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