OK this is the stage of the tournament where some rules will need to be followed

Deadline: 11th May 23:59 IST

All games will be streamed and thus some additional things to note during scheduling

1. Finish Scheduling by Thursday 8th May 23:59IST if possible
2. Please finalize a time around 48 hours in advance if possible, but atleast 24 hours should be maintained to make sure stream is possible
3. Additional time to complete your games will NOT be allowed.

Settings for Quarter Finals:
Quarter Finals/Strive for Survival
Game 1: Map: Arena Free civs
Game 2: Home Map of the Loser of Game 1 - Civilisations: Free pick
Game 3: Home Map of the Winner of Game 1 - Civilisations: Free Pick
Game 4: Map: Turbo Random: Nothing LN - Civilisations: Mirror
Game 5: Map: Sponsors Shock of the week

Sponsors Shock of the Week
A map/setting that the players will get to know once they are in-game (Streamer will PM you after you launch)

Good Luck and Have fun, may the AoC Lords guide all of your paths to their rightful destination