VCOM Rules and Regulations for VCOM AoK DM tournaments at Please read this carefully before signing up for any AoK DM tournament held by VCOM. Know the rules!
Quick FAQ- know the basics of the rules now!

Q1. How do I sign up for a VCOM tournament?
A1. Make sure you pass one if any requirement's posted in the Tournament Announcement Thread and if you do post in that thread requesting to be signed up and give the requirement you meet if one or more exists. We'll sign you up as soon as we can and your name will be on the signed up list at the bottom of the announcement post with any other names. That's it, then wait for the tournament to begin! Please remember that you must use the account you signed up with for all communications within the tournament, such as scheduling games, and must play your games under that account! We will try to keep your name updated from sign up until the start of the tournament but once the tournament begins please try to avoid name changes so confusion is avoided. If you must, such as a clan change, we appreciate you notifying us promptly.

Q2. How to I schedule my matches?
A2. VCOM Scheduling forum.

Q3. Are there deadlines for contacting my opponents and scheduling my matches?
A3. Yes. Rounds begin 00:00 Saturday GMT and you must contact your opponent in the VCOM Scheduling forum with three unique times of at least two different days by Monday 00:00GMT. If you fail to do this you must contact your opponent by Tuesday 00:00 GMT or you will be forfeited. Note that if you don't contact your opponent by Monday 00:00GMT you can't offer playing times, but only accept what your opponent has already offered unless your opponent hasn't posted in the VCOM Scheduling forum yet. All matches must be completed by Friday 00:00GMT and submitted in the VCOM Results forum. Failure to do this may result in VCOM organizers deciding the match by determining who made the best effort via the VCOM Scheduling forum to play the match.

Q4. I scheduled the match with my opponent, we agreed on a time, but he hasn't shown up. Now what?
A4. You must wait 30 minutes for your opponent to show up to play the match. If your opponent hasn't shown up within 30 minutes from when you guys scheduled the match, write in the AoK lobby showing time stamp of writing that your opponent hasn't shown within 30 minutes and take a screen shot of it as proof. Then write in the VCOM scheduling forum within the SAME thread you scheduled your match with your opponent stating that he didn't show up within the 30 minutes.

Q5. Match is completed, and I won! Now what?
A5. First, good job! Now you need to go to the VCOM results forum and post the results, either linking the recorded games from your profile of the match or attaching the game files in the Result forum. That's it, wait for the next round to begin the following Saturday!

Q6. Can we play the match elsewhere besides Voobly?
A6. Absolutely not. No games will count if they aren't played on the Voobly server.

Any other questions please read below and if you still have a question contact arabia_game on Voobly!

Table of Contents:

1.Signing up and requirements
2. Deadlines
3. Scheduling Game
4. Playing the Game
5. After the Game
6. Penalties
7. Prizes
8. Authority of the VCOM staff

Section 1 - Signing up and requirements for tournaments

To participate in a VCOM AoK DM tournament the player must agree to the rules and regulations of the VCOM tournaments- this is considered declared by the VCOM staff when a player signs up for any VCOM AoK DM tournament. Unless specified otherwise, to sign up for a tournament you must post in the Tournament Details Announcement topic stating that you wish to be signed up.

Section 2 - Deadlines

A. Contact Deadline - If you have not contacted your opponent in the VCOM Scheduling forum by Monday 00:00 GMT, you must accept one of your opponent's offered times, rather than make new offers.

B. Forfeit for No-Contact - If you have not yet communicated with your opponent in the VCOM Scheduling forum by Tuesday 00:00 GMT, you forfeit the match. You may be issued a yellow card as well for causing a match to be unplayed with no effort given to have it played.

C. Match Completion Deadline - By Friday 00:00GMT you must have played your match and submit results in the VCOM Submit results forum. Not doing so may require the VCOM staff to declare a winner based on who they think made the best effort to play the match. Please avoid this by playing your match before the deadline!

Section 3 - Scheduling game procedures

A. Each round begins as soon as pairings are posted (Saturday 00:00 GMT). Players should make prompt contact to schedule their games and all games should be completed and reported one week later (by 00:00 GMT Friday). If this is not possible then the game may be result set by the organizers who’s decision is final.

B. All players will post all messages and offers at the VCOM scheduling forum for their game. No other means of communication will be considered valid in the event of a dispute over negotiation times.

C. Each player shall make contact with opponent via VCOM Scheduling forum posts as soon as possible in order to negotiate a time to play. Note that English is the official language in which all communication is conducted.
i. The player who initiates this dialog shall specify three or more distinct times to play on at least two different days. A range of times counts as one offer. If a player offered 08:00-10:00 GMT Monday, the other player could accept any time within that range, and be binding on both players. The accepted time, however, must be exact, such as 08:30 GMT. It is required that the first player acknowledges the agreed time, e.g. "Great. See you Monday at 08:30 GMT." This confirms that both players know and plan to play at that time to all parties and the VCOM organizers.
ii. The recipient of this initial contact shall either select one of these possible playing times or specify at least three other distinct playing times.
iii. After each player transmits these initial contacts, the timeliness and workability of each successive message shall be evaluated by a VCOM organizer if a dispute arises.
iv. The back and forth offers should be done within 24 hours of each other, preferably even more quickly.
v. Once both players have begun contacts, the Monday and Tuesday deadlines (described previously in section 2.A&B) are no longer applicable. In this case, negotiations can extend to as late as the Match Completion Deadline where upon if the match is not completed a VCOM organizer will make a ruling on the outcome of the match (3.E).
vi. A reasonable amount of time must be allowed between the acceptance of an offer and the accepted time in order for the second person to react. 24 hours is considered reasonable, but may be less if circumstances warrant so. To be binding on both players an offer accepted must be confirmed by the offering player.

D. The following two deadlines, First Contact Deadline and Contact-or-Forfeit Deadline, carry consequences for players who fail to meet them. Players are strongly encouraged to act well in advance of the impending consequences.
i. Initial Contact Deadline = Monday 00:00 GMT. A player must post a valid offer in the VCOM Scheduling forum by this deadline. A player who has not made contact prior to the Contact Deadline has just another 24 hours to reply, and must accept one of his opponent's offered times rather than suggest any times of his own.
ii. Contact-or-Forfeit Deadline = Tuesday 00:00 GMT. If a player has neither posted offers of play times, nor accepted an offered play time by this deadline, he forfeits the match. A VCOM organizer will declare the forfeit in the scheduling forum where the initial contact was made and score it accordingly in the submit results forum. PLEASE DON’T SUBMIT A FORFEIT IN THE SUBMIT RESULTS FORUM YOURSELF, ONLY A VCOM ORGANIZER CAN AND WILL DO THIS ON YOUR BEHALF. You are still required to submit your completed match results with recorded game links however.

E. Match Completion Deadline = Friday 00:00 GMT of the week following the start of the round. By this deadline the match should have been played and the results recorded in the VCOM Submit results forum. If the VCOM scheduling forum indicates the match has not been completed at this deadline a VCOM organizer will make a ruling on the outcome of the match and cite the decision and reasoning in the VCOM Submit results forum. This decision is final, although a complaint may be lodged to the VCOM staff and it will be reviewed to see if any disciplinary actions need to be taken.

Section 4 - Playing the match

A. Show up at agreed upon time. Players have a 30 minute grace period but out of consideration for your opponent do your best to show up at the agreed upon time. If after 30 minutes you have not arrived you are at the mercy of your opponent. He does not have to reschedule or even start the match after the 30 minute grace period is over. The player waiting needs to screen shot with time stamp a conversation in the main lobby showing that the player wasn’t there at the intended time in case of a dispute about it later.

i. Please allow at least three hours to play your match as it could be a long game or have multiple games to be played. If a multiple game match, players are allowed to play their games at different times as long as they both know and plan for this in the VCOM Scheduling forum. A player has the right to 15 minute breaks between games if more than one game is being played at a time.

ii. If a player has to leave abruptly for any reason while the game is in progress he must forfeit the game unless his opponent is willing to reschedule it. If a player has to leave abruptly between games during a match he may do so but the burden will be on him to reschedule the remaining match at the convenience of his opponent. The player who didn’t have to leave between games should write in the VCOM Scheduling forum of this occurrence and preferably with a screen shot of that conversation as proof in case of a dispute between the players of this at a later time.

Section 5 - After the game

Once a game or match has been completed please post the results in the VCOM Result forum in the appropriate round and include the recorded games or link to the recorded games within that post. Unless a dispute occurs this is all you need to do.

Section 6 - Penalties

The following penalties are intended to protect each player's orderly enjoyment of the tournament. Punitive actions against players are imposed for general misconduct and cheating in any form. These punitive actions take the form of Yellow Cards and Red Cards. A Yellow Card is issued for minor offenses, a Red Card for major offenses. Three Yellow Cards is equal to a Red Card. Misconduct in the extreme may be punished by a double Red Card.

Yellow Card = Warning . Minor disruptions warrant a Yellow Card. It is a “warning” or “reminder” that you have violated the rules somehow. No further action will be administered at the time of the card issuance. Examples of Yellow Card minor offenses: Failure to schedule a match in a prompt fashion such as running into the 24 hour deadlines repeatedly during a tournament, repeatedly showing up late for matches or for behavior infractions such as offensive language or disrespecting VCOM staff and opponent.
Three Yellow Cards = Red Card . Three Yellow Cards earned during one tournament equals a Red Card and therefore suspension.
Red Card = Immediate suspension. Major disruptions warrant a Red Card. A player who receives a Red Card is immediately suspended for the remainder of the present tournament. Examples of Red Card violations: Lying to VCOM staff or receiving three Yellow Cards within one tournament.
Two Red Cards = Banned from any future VCOM AoK DM tournaments. Two Red Cards earned within one calendar year will ban that player from VCOM AoK DM tournaments for life. Cheating in any form results in Double Red Cards and a permanent ban from any future VCOM AoK DM tournaments. Examples of Cheating: Entering multiple times in a tournament under different names, any game hacks, match fixing, playing under someone else’s account, or faking match results.

Section 7 - Prizes.

Prizes will be distributed by appropriate VCOM or Voobly staff at the completion of tournaments. Prizes can take on the form of Voobly premium memberships, cash, or as otherwise declared in the Tournament Details Announcement post at VCOM forums. Voobly membership prizes are given to the account that was used for that tournament and can’t be awarded to another account. If for any reason a player eligible for a prize is stripped of it after the tournament, such as for cheating, the prize will be considered already distributed and not given to anyone else. To receive any cash prize the eligible player must have a verified PayPal account. No other means of distributing a cash prize will be allowed outside of giving it to a PayPal account provided by the eligible player. Once a prize has been sent to the PayPal account given by the player it is considered distributed regardless if the player gave an account in error. VCOM/Voobly is not responsible if a player gives the wrong PayPal information although we will attempt to ensure that the information given is correct prior to distributing the cash prize to the player’s PayPal account.

Section 8 - Authority of the VCOM staff

We admit that the above rules and regulations may not cover everything and that there may or may not be contradictions in them. Therefore the VCOM staff reserves the right to make independent rulings on a case by case basis that isn’t covered in the above rules, to change, delete, or add to the above rules as seen appropriate. VCOM staff reserves the right to expel any player or deny them entry into any VCOM AoK DM tournament at [You must login to view link] for any reason whether explicitly stated in the rules or not if considered warranted by the VCOM staff and believed to allow for a better tournament experience for all. VCOM staff is committed to bringing quality AoK DM tournaments to Voobly and it’s participants but we’re also human and we ask for your patience and forgiveness when any failures occur by us. We will do our best at all times to be fair and patient to all participants and act respectfully towards all in any communications by us.