I will update this tomorrow more fully.

All matches must be completed by Friday 00:00 GMT of each week because the following round begins the next day. Please understand this when scheduling your games with your opponent. Don't offer a time that is later than this!

The first contact deadline is Tuesday 00:00GMT. You must post in the scheduling forum with your opponent and offer 3 times or accept one of his. If you don't post before 00:00GMT tuesday you lose the right to offer times and must accept one of your opponents times. If you fail to post by wednesday 00:00GMT you will forfeit the match. Please don't wait that long! IMPORTANT: The Tuesday and Wednesday dates apply only to the 1st round due to the late start. All other rounds the dates are moved up a day, Monday 00:00GMT and Tuesday 00:00 GMT. PLEASE REMEMBER ALL MATCHES MUST BE FINISHED AND REPORTED IN THE SUBMIT RESULT FORUM BY FRIDAY 00:00GMT OF EACH WEEK!

All games must be played in the AoK lobby at Voobly and recorded.

The winner is responsible for posting the result and games or link to the games in the submit result forum.

Each new round begins Saturday 00:00GMT Each week. Zero exceptions as the tournament cant be delayed for everyone and we try to minimize all delays.

If you reach the top 16 and you lose that next round you still have one more round to play! The losing 8 play one more round to determine the 9th through 12th places and get into the October Championship tournament!

Please go here for further information regarding the rules. If you have a question or need clarification please message me.