Hi all,

We've made some changes to the 1v1 Championship Tournament cycle. First, we've eliminated one of the qualification tournaments so there will hopefully be less overlapping. Because of this we've increased the finalists entered into the October Championship tournament from 12 to 16. However the 1st qualification tournament which is now in progress will only allow 12 in, not 16.

The second change is in regards to the October tournament cash prize. We've taken feedback from many and with such consideration have split the $1,000 prize fund to the top 3 finalists instead of just the first. Now 1st place will win $500, 2nd $300, and 3rd $200. More chance to win some cash!

The third change is all requirements to sign up for the qualification tournaments are removed. All are welcome to participate up to 64 per tournament.

Dates have changed, so please check the tournament schedule.