So far 14 of the 16 matches have been completed either by games played or by Admin wins. [You must login to view link] is a link to the live brackets. Please remember that all matches must be completed by Friday 00:00GMT for each round! To those who haven't completed theirs yet this round, get to it! Time is running out.

Please remember to post promptly in the Scheduling forums, I've had to remind and even forfeit multiple people concerning this issue. Because of the unexpected late start this round contact deadlines were moved a day later, however from now on all contact deadlines will be as follows:

The first contact deadline is Monday 00:00GMT- If you fail to post in your Scheduling forum by that time you forfeit the ability to offer times and must instead accept on of your opponents playing times as long as they aren't already past. If they are past, your opponent must give three new times for you to pick from.

Forfeit contact deadline is Tuesday 00:00GMT- If you failed to post at all in your scheduling forum by that time you will forfeit the match completely. If neither post in the forum by then you have until Thursday 00:00GMT to post when anyone who hasn't posted in the Scheduling forum will be forfeited, even if it's both participants and given a yellow card.

Be aware that each round will begin at Saturday 00:00GMT, when matches should be officially posted in the Scheduling forums and match scheduling can begin then.

Please don't make threads in the Scheduling or Submit Result forums! I will create any and all threads in the Scheduling and Submit Result forums, all you need to do is find your name/match up and post in there.

Please remember to post in the Scheduling forums and not through PM's. I can't see nor verify what's said in PM conversations, only what's written in the Scheduling forums and if I don't see activity in your Scheduling forum I may think nothing is happening when there is. If you do PM your opponent about match schedules make sure you both then post the relevant information in the Scheduling forums too!

Thanks and look forward to the end of round 1 and the beginning of round 2!