This is War - Qualifiers


NB! All matches will be played in the VCOM AoC Tournaments Lobby with the TIW - Ladder enabled!

Ok ladies and gents here is the settings you will be using for the Qualifying Round:

There will 5 rounds of 3v3/4v4, 1 round of 2v2s and 1 round of 1v1s. They will be broke down as follows:

Rounds Setup

1v1 Round - 1 point

This will be held on a best of 3 basis using a selection of maps that have been voted on in a secret vote from the 2015 Tourney. Each clan can pick 1 home map from the selection of maps voted on from the 2015 Tournament and one of the games will be random using the pack put together for the selection of maps. Its important to note that for each clan you will need a minimum of 3 different players and we will need all the 1v1s played at the same time.

2v2 Round - 1 point

This will be held on a best of 3 basis with both clans getting to pick 1 home map from the selection of maps voted on for 2v2s. If a decider is needed then there will be a game played using a random pack put together using the voted on selection of maps

3v3/4v4 Rounds - 5 points

Each game will count as 1 point and the games will either be on a 3v3 or 4v4 basis. If a clan can only field 3 players and/or wants 3v3 then the games will automatically be 3v3 no questions asked. Though if both agree then the games will be 4v4. The rounds will be broke down as follows:

Home pick Rounds - 4 points

Each Clan can pick 2 home maps from the selection of maps voted on.

Random Round - 1 point

There will be 1 round using a map pack put together using the maps voted on for the 2015 Tournament. This will change depending on map picks. If a clan uses a veto on a certain map and that map comes up in the random selection then you wont need to use another veto and the game needs to be restarted.

You will need to enable the VCOM Tournament Random Mod to play the Random Round.

We need your map selections posted in the schedule thread at least 1 hour before your games so that people can decide what maps they want to Veto. We do prefer if you can post your map picks days in advance as a matter of courtesy to your opponents when possible but you can wait until one hour before your games. We will try and have a VCOM moderator available to help assist with map picks and vetos along with any questions regarding rules etc.. Please dont hesitate to ask us if you are unsure of anything.

Rules, Settings and Maps


Following the vote the available maps are as follows:


1. Germs
2. CBA
3. RCB
4. AB
5. CBA hero
6. Smosh
7. Dome
8. Gwarz
9. Khans
10. Radical


1. Smosh
2. CBA
3. CBA Hero
4. AB
5. Gwarz
6. Khans
7. Graves
8. Euro
9. Dome
10. Lustful


1. Gwarz
2. Smosh
3. Vetz
4. CBA Hero
5. CBA
6. KM
7. Germs
8. Lustful
9. Euro
10. RCB
11. Spider
12. WoA
13. Nova
14. Path
15. Graves
16. CBX
17. Art of war

You cant pick the same map in the 1v1/2v2 sections if you have picked it in the 3v3/4v4 section unless someone uses a veto. So for example you wont be able to pick cba in every round or euro in 2 rounds unless some uses a veto. So lets say Eot pick euro for 3v3/4v4 then they cant pick it in the 2v2 round unless of course someone uses a veto which means they can then pick it for 2v2. If a clan doesnt want euro in 2v2 as well then they can veto it. That will mean they have used 2 vetos but they are assured they wont be playing the map at all even if it comes up in the random rounds

Also you must post your map selection at least one hour before any games are played so people have a chance to practice or use a veto


Naturally we want to keep the tourney has diverse as possible and due to the fact both maps are available for selection in all the rounds. So to avoid someone picking both these maps in their home picks you can only select one or the other. If a clan uses a veto on one of the maps you can select the other.


Each clan will have a total of 3 vetos to be used for each clan v clan battle. So for example a veto can be used for a map selection or if they dont like the map that comes up in the random rounds. You will only have 3 vetos in total for each clan v clan match up. If you use a veto on a teams home map and the map comes up in the random pack round then that same veto will still stand and the game needs to be restarted, you dont need another veto. If you are using a veto in a random game simply call veto within the first 2 minutes of the game and the other person/team will resign or else you resign. Make sure to post evidence of a veto used.

Make sure to make it clear if you are using a veto when a clan gives its map selection on the forum. Also make sure you have a veto to use if you call veto in a random round or else you may be forced to play that map or else you will auto be given a loss. Most likely a loss. It is the duty of both clans to make it clear to each other what vetos are left for each other so lets not have any uncomfortable instances where vetos are called when there is none.

Spots/Postions/Civs for Maps

When a clan picks a home map they will have the choice of colours they prefer along with which civs will be played as long as the games are side v side. In the random games spots for 2v2 and 3v3/4v4 we ask you to pick either odds v even (1357 v 2468) or top v bottom (1234 v 5678) and obviously mirror civs

Recorded Games

All games of match links and vetos must be posted in the relevant recorded game section


Clans must agree to a schedule and there will be a 2 week window to play your games. There will be a schedule thread created for teams to schedule in. In the event that the games arent played like there is a clan war or a particular tournament a weeks extension may be given. Or else a decision will be made judged on whats happened to date which might mean admin wins being given, so lets try and avoid any such problems and just play your games

Third Party Tools

The use of any third party tool is prohibited. Examples are, but not limited to: Modified game files, syncers, crashers, network throttling devices (purposely lagging programs), and other such tools. Violation of this rule will not only result in disqualification from tournament, but termination/punishment as the Voobly staff team seems fit.


Dropping will be determined based on current game state:
If the winner dropped, then the match will be replayed.
If the game is still undecided at time of drop, match will be replayed.
If the loser is dropping (and it's clear he's losing), then the other person/team will be given the win


All aspects, plus others not listed, will be analyzed before making a decision by tournament runners and others as they see fit.

You may only play on your account, and may only enter the tournament with one account. This also includes playing for someone else on their account if theyve played the games they are allowed to play. Anybody caught playing on someone elses account when they shouldnt be in the 1v1 or 2v2 games will give there team an auto loss and may result in further punishment as in both players banned from playing in the rest of the tournament.

Any use of a map bug, known or not known, will result in disqualification from tournament. You have been warned.

Any rule can be added/modified at any time as seen fit by the ones running the tournament. This rule exists to stop and punish potential exploitation of loopholes in current rules.

Spawn glitching is not allowed


Speed: Fast
Starting Age:Standard
Resources: Standard
Lock Speed/Teams
Victory: Standard
Reveal Map: Explored

It is YOUR DUTY to make sure game settings are set correctly. If they are not, and host refuses to change them to the correct setting, please contact a Voobly tournament mod.