• Simply create a thread in this subform.
    The title of the thread should be your current name or the name you signed up with on the Sign Ups thread.
  • Submit the matches to review in the first post.
    The order of match links should start with the newest and end with the oldest ones.
  • If you wish to add more match links, simply edit your post and all the new links to the top of your post.
    Please do not make multiple threads for your name.
  • Only 1 submission per player each day is allowed. However, you will still earn score, if you played in a match that someone else submitted.

To avoid duplicate match submissions, you can discuss after end of the game who will post the match link. It should be the winner posting the match link, but anyone may do it aswell.

All reviewed match links will be displayed in either green or red colour.
Green - approved (meaning the score earned was added to the Leaderboard)
Red - not approved (meaning noone received score to the Leaderboard)

Before submitting your match make sure the game was played with the correct settings!
  • RCB Fair Mod has to be enabled.
  • Game must have 5+ players.
  • The scenario used must be =V= RCB 2016 League.scx or =V= RCB 2017 League v2.