Who is hosting?

What kind of tournament?
RTD FFA League

When does the League start?
14th of August, 2017

When does the League end?
3rd of September, 2017

How to sign up?
Visit the Sign Ups thread

Are there prizes?


League Settings

The RTD FFA League is a CS event that starts on the 14th of August 2017 and ends on the 3rd of September 2017 with the aim of providing a leaderboard of the most competitive and active RTD FFA players. The leaderboard is made by submitting matches to the League and thus earning score to yourself by a value stored in the match link itself.

Submitting matches
  • You will be able to submit matches to review starting with the 14th of August in the RTD Match Submission subforum.
  • You are advised to make a thread for your name and post all your match links you wish to submit in that very thread (to keep it organized and clean) all the way up to the 3rd of September. I will then review the match link and check, if the match was according to rules and then add the score of all players provided in the match link to the overall leaderboard.
  • You can submit up to 21 matches during the League period.
  • You can only submit matches you have won.


The leaderboard will keep track of the overall score of each player and position them to according ranks. I will try to update atleast once per day, so do not frantically check back whether you have passed your rival on the leaderboard or not.

How does the Leaderboard work?
syssouffle wrote:
In Voobly match details you can know much things about the match, informations are stored like this:

- Feudal time -> Final power time
- Castle time -> Ultimate power time
- Imperial time -> Mega power time
- Food -> Outposts starting HP
- Wood [Units] -> Outpost burning starting time in minute tens
- Wood [Tens] -> Sniped received count
- Wood [Thousands] -> Sniper used count
- Stone -> Inflicted damages with -200HP, -2000HP and -HP/sec
- Gold -> Owned HP with +300HP, +3000HP, +HP/sec and kills rewards
Your maximum HP value divided by 500 is the score you are awarded.
- Trade Profit -> Total amount of carts owned
The exact value of this is the score you are awarded.
- Total Wonders -> Razes counter (It's not properly shown at Voobly)
- Total Castles -> Kills counter (Does not count wood bought)
The exact value of this is the score you are awarded.
- Relics Captured -> Power reached at player's death
Power Level times 5 is the score you are awarded.
- Relic Gold -> Maximum gold income per minutes (1 to 4)
Bank Gold Per Minute times 10 is the score you are awarded.
- Society score [Units] -> Mini loto bought count
- Tribute Received -> Advanced match details

The values marked in bold are tracked and award you score, however, the winner of the match will receive 2x the amount. Also, an eight player game award 100% of score, meanwhile 7 player game 75%, 6 player game 50% and a five player game only 25%.

Game Room Settings

  • The game has to be rated to CS - Roll The Dice League.
    There are other ways to produce a match link for the League, but you are advised to keep to the proper ladder.
  • No Game or Data Mods are allowed, nor features like "Hidden Civilizations".
    The use of Visual or Content Mods is not monitored, use them at your own sake.

Game Settings

  • Spots filled: Atleast FIVE players must be present at the start of the game
    Games with FOUR players and less will not give anyone score on the leaderboard
  • Scenario:
    =V= Roll The Dice v14.9
  • Speed: Fast
  • Starting Age: Standard
  • Resources: Standard
  • Lock Speed/Teams
  • Victory: Standard
  • Reveal Map: All Visible
  • Record Game: YES
  • Cheats DISABLED!
  • All Tech DISABLED!
NB! It is your duty to make sure the Game Settings are correct!

VCOM Host Rulings

  • Any rule may be changed by the tournament organizers on or before the night.
  • All rulings by the official VCOM tournament organizers are final.

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